Rules Change

Rules Change

Postby RFickes » August 6th, 2014, 10:24 pm

Just read this and looks like something we could agree to for 2015.
Subject: Solo Vee rules changes review and proposals for going forward
August 5, 2014
It has been some years since the MAC has first focused on improving the Formula Vee
from it’s humble low cost single seat road racer to the point where it can compete with
newer, higher level designs such as the Formula 500 and Formula Ford designs in solo.
Speaking subjectively I would say that much has been done and with a few minor tweaks we
can get a little closer to making a Solo Vee a viable option for those wanting a lower cost
single seater autocross car.
Just to review, the MAC has allowed us to shed the drum brakes, and worm gear steering
boxes. You’ve given weight incentives to encourage more efficient chassis designs and
unleashed wider wheels and tires to try to minimize the inherent chassis limitations. You’ve
boosted power to a range that is close to the cars that Solo Vees have been competing with
.. earlier that was Formula 500 and this last season and a half, Formula Fords.
While the car move from Fmod to Cmod places Solo Vees in direct competition with
Formula Fords, and has perhaps raised the participation numbers in Cmod a bit I would
thoughtfully submit that Formula Fords are well honed magnificent examples of efficiency.
You can see this in the chassis designs which are exemplary, the tires are specifically
engineered to optimize the package, the gearboxes which support a wide range of ratios
and are quick shifting race designs, and the engines are carefully maximized for all
allowances. They are fantastic examples of overall balance in design. We understand that a
Solo Vee will never be that, but with some effort we can achieve respectable results.
To some extent Formula Fords and Solo Vees are from far ends of the single seater
spectrum. That is borne out by looking at event results. Solo Vees of all preparation levels
are consistently trailing the field. At best we can stay in the shadows of Formula Fords, but
only just so. Certainly there are not many “optimized” Solo Vees out there these days.
Building a Solo Vee for the current rules package is uncertain because there isn’t any single
consensus as to the ways to achieve the best result, and of course given that there hasn’t
been any Solo Vee success as yet, so most current owners are sitting on their hands.
In our case I can honestly state that we have taken advantage of everything we find useful in
the current rules package. From disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, coil springs and
modern shocks, careful weight control, power, gearing, chassis design, wheels and many
tires configurations, alignment .. we have done it all. We are the prime example of what can
be done in the Solo Vee rules today.
And to help us judge our results, we run in the Great Lakes Region, where many modified
solo champions regularly compete so for us it’s relatively easy to see how we stack up. The
results we are getting are not encouraging, but as I stated before the current rules do allow
us to run in the shadows of Formula Fords, or Formula 500 cars for that matter. For
evidence I refer you to the links below. All of these are national events on concrete. ... sults1.pdf (page 23) ... sults3.pdf
(page 9) ... ionhip.pdf (page 12)
Solo Vees need the opportunity to trophy, at least occasionally in order to keep the flame of
Vees burning in solo. In keeping with the low cost philosophy of the rules we would like to
propose some simple tweaks that can help.
Here are the tweaks we think you should consider ..
1. lower the minimum weight from 1,000 lbs with driver to 950 lbs with driver.
2. raise the engine compression ratio from 9 to 1 to 10 to 1.
3. Increase valve sizes for the 1915 cc engine to the same size as the 1600 cc
engine rule already in effect. This would minimally increase intake valve from 39 to 40 mm
and increase exhaust valve from 32 to 35.5 mm.
4. Allow us to unshroud the valves on the 1915 cc engines to match the current 1600
cc engine specs already in effect.
5. adjust the minimum flywheel weight from the current 12 lbs to 10 lbs.
I believe that these changes will still keep us away from the sharp end of the results sheets
but they would give us the occasional opportunity to trophy on a good day. In the unlikely
event that Solo Vees, with their 1940’s beam front axle, rear swingarm suspension, street
gearboxes, and air cooled flat four engines should prove too fast for the Formula Fords we
have to run with you can always adjust the minimum weight settings to control the mix. I
understand and appreciate the investments that those drivers have made and understand
that initially they were concerned. I’m sure they are less concerned today.
Thank you for your consideration.
John A W
Johnny B
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Re: Rules Change

Postby 77fmod » August 7th, 2014, 6:33 pm

Yep... That's what my co-driver with some input from me has put together and sent to the MAC and SEB....

Johnny B.
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Re: Rules Change

Postby 77fmod » August 7th, 2014, 6:35 pm

I would appreciate it if you would edit that post to remove our emails as this site has had some issues with marketing programs...

Thanks much,

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