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Postby Lynn » December 23rd, 2010, 9:39 am

Yes, that is stupid. I'll ask a MAC member I know why it was withdrawn.

The F500 guys wanted dry sumps to be required for Solo Vees. I sent the letter requesting that they be permitted. I'll have a dry sump whether they are approved or not.
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Re: 2011 Rule Change

Postby SR Racing » December 23rd, 2010, 10:58 am

My input to them:

Please forward my comments onto the proper individuals re: the current Solo January FastTrack

- The following rule change proposals have been recommended by the MAC and are published for member comment:
- In Appendix A, under Modified Class F, section C.2.j, change the sentence “Dry sump systems are prohibited.” to read “Dry sump systems are permitted.” (ref. #2669)

We have done intensive dyno and on track testing of dry sumps in Type One AC/VW engines.

Pros and Cons as pertaining to Solo

ANY formula car (high G corners) should have a dry sump system. No type 1 VW engine case and oiling system can be designed to provide proper lubraication in certain extremes.
A solo car can typically pull more G's and at more rapid changes than a Road Course car.
Better engine protection
Lower operating temperatures
When installed correctly there is far less oil blowby and leaks.

Expense. If the owner does his own work and buys new parts at retail, the cost will be in the $500 area.
A 6 to 7 quart sump tank will be required. This can be a difficult task to find a decent mounting point in some cars.

Comments from our dyno testing and road course track testing.:

With a 2 stage dry sump pump at peak HP, you can expect to see an additional 1.5% to 2% HP over a non-dry sump engine. This is due to lower case pressures providing better ring sealing and less windage loss on track.

The rule should specify that only a 2 stage dry sump mounted at the normal VW oil pump location can be used. (There are at least 3 available manufactures of these.) If the rules don’t' specifiy this it would leave it open for $1000+ multi-stage belt driven drive sumps. That would of course increase cost and HP.

We have tested dry sumps now for 4+ years in the FST Road Racing class. (With dyno and on-track data acquisistion) Oil related engine failures are a thing of the past. By far the biggest visible improvements have been lower operating temps and a lack of oil dripping (blowby) from all over the case. While dyno testing has shown the additional HP, our track times did not show any real improvement that could be attributed to the dry sump system.

I appears that the bolt on valve cover rule was dropped. While tech inspection MIGHT alleviate this requirement, it seems foolish to me. A complete bolt on Valve cover kit is under $40 and can be installed in under an hour. With pancake engines this should be mandatory, inspection or not.

With multiple dynos here and multiple type 1 VW mounted on one most all of the time, we can provide other data if you desire.

Jim Schings
SR Racing Inc.
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Re: 2011 Rule Change

Postby 77fmod » December 28th, 2010, 1:56 pm

I can't imagine what a Tech inspection could have done to prevent the multiple occurences at the Nats. It seems to imply that I was negligent in my preparation of the car. As I have stated in the past, I have never seen a failure like this in the past and I remind you that I used a different bail and had safety wired it from the intake manifold on the second day to prevent another failure.
I can only imagine that it was hit just so as to make it spread and the end to leave the boss at the head.
I will never rely on a wire bail retainer in the future.

I mean seriously, even if you have a dry sump and the valve cover comes off, you will still be pumping oil out the rocker arm push rods.

Another thing that complicated my frustration this year was the fact that my engine assembler had used a self-tapping head stud in the upper rear #3 hole and it was pulling out and leaking oil on the second day. Causing the rain induced oil stream in the grid.

Unbelievably bad luck this year!

Johnny B.
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