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1600cc for sale

PostPosted: December 14th, 2010, 2:09 pm
by Steven McWilliams JR
Hi Guys,

If you have read any of my other posts about a 1500cc engine, it is actually a 1600cc, I just didn't know enough to figure it out. I don't have a use for it so I'm putting it up for sale. I also have a split case trans that was bolted to it. If you want, I can bolt these into a Vista chassis, throw the new bodywork on it, and it's yours for $1000 bucks. The engine is race prepped, but hasn't been started in a while. It's been kept indoors with oily rags in the intake and exhaust ports. The car is almost ready to go, it has a battery, Master Cylinders, AFFF fire system, steering wheel, gauges, pedals, shifter and shift linkages., front drums, starter and the trans is drum to drum. I think all you will need is a beam, steering box that I may have, Fuel Cell, and belts. I am kind of tempted to build the car, but then I lose some of my college money, which is why I've been selling parts off.

The trailer is still for sale which holds a FV very well, I'm sure it can fit a FST or a FF too. $800


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