Open Wheel Driving Experience

Open Wheel Driving Experience

Postby njg005 » September 10th, 2014, 8:27 am

Here are a few pictures from our recent Open Wheel Driving Experience....

Friends, family, crew and future FV pilots had the opportunity to drive an open wheel race car at speed. The day began with a classroom session followed by a track drive around in street cars to learn the track and familiarize the participants with their surroundings. Before lunch, a 15 minutes on track session began with a follow the leader format for 3 laps before they were set free. The group came off the track, debriefed, ate lunch and then was sent back out for a 20 minute session in the afternoon to continue to improve their skills. I have never seen so many smiles in one group (both participants and current FV drivers)!

If you would like more information for next year or would love to get involved next year, either as a participant or a car owner, feel free to contact one of the Northeast reps.
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