1974 Formula Super Vee Royale RP-18 PROJECT

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1974 Formula Super Vee Royale RP-18 PROJECT

Postby teamfrd » September 12th, 2010, 7:59 pm

$4500 FOB origin at 32003 Fleming Island FL/Jacksonville FL

1974 Formula Super Vee Royale RP-18 Chassis #3

[this link does not open in a new window / press cntl & click]
See photos and 2008 results for autocross videos

With the proper motivation, this is not a difficult project car!
In 7 weeks, you can be driving in a open wheeled B Mod Solo car!
It will get the heart pumping and hands trembling!

weight: 895 w/o driver
Body:nose with wings, cockpit body, engine cover, rear wing
Front susp: Carrera 3243 steel , Eibach 150.64.53 (6,2.5,300), & roll bar
Rear susp: Carrera 6344 alum , Hyperco 8,2.5,400, & roll bar
Wheels:Two sets of 4x130mm wheels -
Revolutions(6x13 , 8x13)
Legrands (6x13 , 7.5x13)
& wheel bolts.
Uses garden tractor battery (Sears Gold)
MSD with chips
Gauges: oil temp, tach, oil pressure
Steering wheel: removable 10.5 outside diameter
Dry sump tank 6 qt
Remote oil filter bracket
Bosch coil
Bosch starter SR17X?
Weber IDF (2) carbs
ITG filters ( and old ITG filters w/ junk foam)
Transaxle: Hewland MK8, replaced spider gears in 2005.
Ratios: The gears are autox ratios. Integral first gear 12:38 /14:36 new in Dec 2007 Taylor/ 17:34 / 19:31. 4th tops out at 78. Extra 3rd & 4th: 18:32 20:30
Facet fuel pump
Fuel tank: original, foam changed some time ago
Three section/stage oil pump
Engine -apart-
VW Type IV ( Porsche 914 ) engine taken apart in February 2010. Needs rebuilt and assembled.
Cleaned up stock heads w/ double springs,
1.7liter 90mm pistons & cylinders, race cam, baffle plate, oil plates and fittings
I took apart the engine due to cam bearing in the oil. It has a 3 stage oil pump. I feel there is a a slight gap where it slides into the case. That should be addressed. I was ready to buy a Eagle cam 494 from CB Performance for more mid range - $100. And lifters too. The current cam came with the car. I think it is from its race days in the 70s. It like to rev from 3500 and up. I've been limiting the RPMS to 6000-6500.

Extra hi-compression race heads - they need shop work, seats, fly cut to accept 2.0 liter cylinders
8- 1.6 liter 87.7mm (rare, hi-comp with valve relief) pistons and cylinders
Clutch plate.
Misc engine bits
Some Weber jets
Haynes 914 book
Notebooks - 14 years of scribbles.

Trailer: separate enclosed single axle 6x14 V nose, New in 2005 $TBD pending future plans.

David R. Flesher
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Re: 1974 Formula Super Vee Royale RP-18 PROJECT

Postby 1969zeitler » September 13th, 2010, 10:13 pm

pm sent
Orlando, Fl
car-less now

I have a VERY understanding Wife.
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Re: 1974 Formula Super Vee Royale RP-18 PROJECT

Postby teamfrd » January 1st, 2011, 9:31 am

Still available - I just replied to some older PMs.
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