Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association's Historic races

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Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association's Historic races

Postby teamfrd » May 31st, 2009, 11:46 am

Posting an email I received today...
I am the director of competition for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association's Historic races at BeaveRun - If you do not know what that is or who we are a quick fill in - The PVGPA started a grand prix held on the streets of Pittsburgh in Schenley Park 26 years ago. 6 years ago we added another weekend of races at BeaveRun. This race is mostly for cars that for any number of reasons cannot compete at the Vintage Grand Prix in Schenley Park, but whose drivers still would like to be part of the huge festival that has now become the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Anchored on two weekend by Historic and vintage racing with a week of car related activities in-between. We do all of this to have a great time but to also raise money for two well deserving charities, The Autistic Society of Pittsburgh and the Allegheny School. In fact your entry is actually made out to the charity - PVGPA _ and how much of that you declare as a tax deduction is between you, your accountant & God. Over the past 26 years we have given close to 3 million dollars to our charities. That is given, not raised!

I know that air cooled Super V have a tough time finding comfortable places to race but at this event you cars will be the cream of the class, most of your competition will be formula & club Ford. We have a couple of Super V's that come out to play and I would like more.

For more information, forms, etc please go to http://www.cloverleaf-auto.com and click the vintage race button. Then the BeaveRun link. Everything that you need should be there or a link will. The normal cutoff date for early entry is June 1 but if you or any other Super V would like to enter I will extend the date to June 15th. Please indicate on your form. We have a full refund policy so enter right now!

Thanks and hope to see you all there

Ralph Steinberg
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