August 2016 Minutes

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August 2016 Minutes

Postby cendiv37 » August 13th, 2016, 2:45 pm

The FV Ad Hoc Committee met July 6, 2016
Members attending: Stephen Saslow, John Petillo, Alex Bertolucci, Bruce Livermore, Dietmar Bauerle, Stevan Davis, Guest: Fred Clark

1 - Steve Davis expanded on his experiences running the prototype spec. tire provided to him by Hoosier at the June Mid-Ohio Majors event. Hoosier stated that the construction was identical to the current C3000 FV tires except for the use of the harder SM compound. Steve noted that it was difficult to compare exactly but that his data indicated he was "pulling" about 0.3 less G's in corners with the prototype tires vs. the normal Hoosier slicks. There was some discussion about the pros and cons of contingency programs and how the benefits are distributed amongst the competitors. Also discussed was the cost per tire vs. how long they last. Opinions were varied on both of these points. Also discussed was how the implementation of the spec. tire program by SCCA could have unintended consequences. We had no other information on it from SCCA nor from any other drivers that may have tried these Hoosier prototypes.

2 - The latest FV "rules clarification" from the CRB "clarifying" the rules on external coatings on manifolds was discussed. Most were quite taken aback by the timing, let alone the content of the "clarification" and hope it does not have a negative impact on the Runoffs.

3 - We discussed the upcoming selection of members for the new SCCA FV Ad Hoc Committee. We were pleased that there were quite a few individuals that have submitted resumes. Whatever the final membership of the new committee, the members of the unofficial FV Ad Hoc Committee are all very pleased that there will now be a group of people knowledgeable about FV that will officially be in the loop on decisions made by SCCA. We await the announcement of the new committee and defer any further actions to them

4 - We will publish the minutes for our last few meetings on the Interchange before the unofficial committee rides off into the sunset.

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