Neat Products Available.

Neat Products Available.

Postby SR Racing » April 27th, 2013, 10:02 am

Some blatent advertising:

We all have had flashlights banging around the tool box somewhere and when we go to use it to adjust brakes, check fuel levels, etc. we find it's not bright enough or needs batteries. Check out the "CSI Edge". VERY Bright, batteries last for hours and hours and it is not like one of the cheap imports where switches go bad or contacts corrode. This is the BEST little unit I have seen and it is only $7.59. I have one in all the personal cars and in the trailer.. You will love it. I have them on the front counter here at the store and people can't resist them. Even the UPS and Mail delivery guys have purchased them!

While you are there, take a look at the Flo-Fast Pump System. From your 5 gallon jug to your fuel cell in under 1 minute! Faster than some gas station pumps. With no spills. Don't wrestle with that 30+ lb jug on your shoulders, banging your mirrors out of place and spilling fuel all over the tarmac. (Use your CSI Edge Flashlite to see when it's topped off. :lol: )


Both items at :
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